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4 years ago
Words won’t serve in this instance. Donate. Pray. Meditate. Give something of yourself. It has power.

The devastation this possibly unnatural disaster (scroll below) has wreaked in unimaginable. Your light is needed. If you can’t give money, your love, concern, prayer, meditation, blog posts to raise activism, and the like all have power here.

I found the comment posted below (among some that a love-deprived few lacking a soul posted in error to their own consciences) to be interesting concerning how technology is being used and is impacting the world. Its extended for your thoughts. I don’t claim to know the truth of it, but I do not disbelieve it. The levies in Katrina were tampered with. Were it not for the tampering, Katrina would not have devastated New Orleanians as it did. That was mankind’s interference:

The video isn’t posting correctly in tumblr today for some reason but an informative link offered by the Red Cross is located here.

From user in the comments through the above link: Affordnoshoes

"Military terraforming machinery is NOT nonsense. I believe this to be the work of the Tesla Scalar Weapon in Russia with earth quake generator modifications. I think it’s a test that missed the Atlantic and hit shore. The last thing´╗┐ they want is that kind of publicity, but accidents happen when you mess around with geo-kinetic weaponry."

In addition to Red Cross, Mercy Corps is also accepting donations. I’ve find them to be a wonderful aid organization. You can donate here.

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4 years ago
Pastry Pockets for those long drifty nights in the Aether

Not much in the mood to spend hours in the ship-kitchen this evening? Do not despair.Delightfully scrumptious meals can be created easefully during those evenings of sullen mood, when preparing several sides and one main dish proves too cumbersome for spent energies. I bring to your attention, Pastry pockets. These half-moon pastries are filling, scintillating, and quite respectful of time. You can fill them will just about any veggie, garlic-sauteed bean, cheez, or etc, and even create sauces on the side for dipping when the mood strikes. Ingredients are highlit below in the instructions:

Begin by mixing 2 parts flour to 1/4 part water and 1/4 part oil until the mixture forms a nice dough consistency. When the the dough is formed to your liking, lay it out until it’s reasonably thin with a rolling pin. In a situation of lacking resources, a bottle will do. At this point you can use a large mug or goblet to cut circles into the dough. Set the circles aside and roll them thin. Fill them with your sauteed onions, mushrooms, blackbeans, cheez, bits of spinach, or other desired fillings (lightly seasoned and boiled tomato sauce can make a lovely red sauce, as can melted cheez, or other for dipping) . When they are filled ( take care to avoid over-filling them) fold the circles into half-moons with a fork pressed at the edges of the pastry, creating binding hashmarks to close them. When you’re sure the half moons are securely closed (you may have to fold over the edges and then press the fork to the edges for extra measure), you are ready to cook them.
If you wish to bake your pastries set your oven to 350. If you wish to fry you can do so in low oil, or deep fry in 4-5 cups of oil (for about 2-3 minutes each on medium heat).
The results are stupendous! These lovely stuffed half-moons have been known to lift the heavy moods of shipmates when adventures have taken a dismal turn.

Bonus Treat:
Pastry pockets are well complemented by iced drinks!
To make your own blend 6-12 ice cubes, 2-3 cups of your desired fruit, soy or rice milk, w/ organic sugar (to desired sweetness) for drinks that will make happy all around ;D

From ‘The Mweze Leaf’ (c)2009

4 years ago
Purple Mag Issue 8 has arrived. Acquisition details and gratis download for the &#8216;Make Yourself issue is here. Props to Corinne Stevie for the dope cover.

Purple Mag Issue 8 has arrived. Acquisition details and gratis download for the ‘Make Yourself issue is here. Props to Corinne Stevie for the dope cover.

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