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Delighted salutations purveyors of the Meta-gems <3

Currently posting ability is invite-only, but we do accept submissions for the blog and the magazine (see sidebar). All content posted to the blog via blog member and or/submitters will be considered for future magazine issues and possibly added to magazine issues (You will be credited in the issue a piece appears in if so), special edition zines/antho issues/media, and the Purple Mag tumblr (which reposts articles and member-contributions). Copyright remains with the original owners as does the responsibility to post copyright-observed and/or fair use clause eligible works. You will currently require a separate tumblr to post with Candy Anomaly. You do not require a tumblr account to use the submit form for PurpleMag/CandyAnomaly.

If you’ve been invited to submit original artwork/photography for a specific VioletFete project please tag your submission: VioletFete when submitted to

Important note: When you’re posting your own original photography, art, flash fiction, lit, experimental work, and etc, please tag it as: Otherbox, and add a copyright symbol next to your name, and/or let it be known it’s yours, so we know which posts are eligible to be printed or included in featured tumbles. It helps to also tag your username to your posts to make it easier for readers to search your posts exclusively.

Candy Anomaly is a PurpleMag/VioletFete satellite/magazine column) dedicated to providing relatively pg-15 content (art/tasteful relevant nudity you wouldn’t mind your little sister seeing… Post warnings for questionable content but please avoid going all the way there… in respect to the young’ns that tune in) for underepresented Modern Myth culture. What we mean by Modern Myth is Spec Fiction media creators (Flash fantasy/speculative fiction/art for underrepresented culture highly encouraged), enchanted indie artists of various mediums & DIYers, Happy herbivores (plant-lovers w/slammin’ cuisine/lifestyle offerings), under the radar heartlight with the potential to leave a strong impression ‘pon the cultural psyche. In a few words: Our candy is more flavor, less filler.

e.g We don’t care who Kanye is dating. We’re not interested in hearing about misogynist music ( these kinds of posts will likely be cut if posted).

We <3 indie merchants but prefer to wave the pom-poms for cruelty-free merchants ‘round these parts as much as possible (e.g. we’re not riding for leather ‘round here, but pleather is appreciable ;D). If you post a cruelty-free merchant please tag your post with: crueltyfree

If you’re a Veganizer, post your (plant-loving recipes, restaurant recommendations, movement updates and etc) blogs with the relevant city/state/country tags (to assist search): Veganize

Common tags we use:

Ether (Music), Art (Photography, Digital art, Sketches, etc), Grassroute (Grassroots news), Vegan (Intel for plant-eaters), Lit (Literature/Flash Fiction), Modern Myth (Art/Lit of Legendary proportions)

If you have questions drop us a line via the contact form through the link in the sidebar or submit form (include email if you use the submit form).



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